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As licensed and certified practitioners, our network of providers offer a variety of direct and indirect consultative services. We are prepared to provide direct services to students and families in the areas including: individualized instruction, assessment, test preparation, transition services, and more. These services can be provided in any appropriate environment: school, home, library, etc. We likewise provide indirect services including: school coaching, professional development, curriculum development, program developmentcompliance monitoring and case management services for schools and educational programs. We are also prepared to provide professional coaching and training services to companies or businesses in various industries. Simply contact us below!

"I was once told by this wise man who helped me with school that he is not teaching me literature, mathematics, or world history. Instead, he told me that he is teaching me how to learn, which is what school, work, and life are really about. If not for Mr. Quail's advice and encouragement, I would not have achieved a perfect score of 800 on the math portion of the SAT and AP Scholar with Distinction; I was also valedictorian of my high school and received almost $700,000 in scholarship offers. I broke molds at my school and expanded beyond my limits thanks to Mr. Quail, because he really does know how to teach others to learn."

Marshall Mendoza, Student and Mentee since 2013

"Mr. Kevin Quail II is a man of many quotes. I was most impacted me when he told me that if I was not struggling, then I’m probably doing something wrong. Ever since then, I have lived by this quote, taking failures as opportunities to improve myself. As a participant in the Science and Technology program in my school, we were required to conduct a five-chapter research study of our choice. During this research, I had the privilege of having Mr. Quail as my mentor. With his help, I had the honor of being chosen out of my class of 300 to present my research to the school. With his advice and encouragement, I was accepted into more than 20 schools and received over $600,000 in scholarship money. As the Salutatorian of my class, Mr. Quail also guided me to ensure that my speech was well written. Even today, Mr. Quail continues to support me in my endeavors. This is why I highly recommend Mr. Kevin Quail II as a mentor, because no matter what situation you may encounter, he is just a phone call away."

Monalisa Mendoza, Student and Mentee since 2013

"Kevin Quail's positivity and livelihood always bring joy to children and fellow educators alike. Kevin's attitude on his career is optimistic and his dedication to educating our youth is strong. His interpersonal and collaboration skills have allowed him to develop relationships in many educational circles. Kevin's teaching methods equip students to possess solid analytical skills, diagnose problems, and devise viable solutions for higher learning."

Amber Church, Former Special Education Coordinator at The Next Step PCS

"Kevin Quail's advocacy and guidance about special education helped my family to more effectively and efficiently navigate the process. Kevin helped us understand my daughter's rights under Section 504 and IDEA and helped us prepare for our 504 meetings, including document reviews and writing recommendations for accommodations. He even attended the 504 meetings in order to provide support. Consequently, we were able to make all the necessary requests at the correct time, which provided a solid foundation for my attorney to present our due process claim, resulting in a settlement. Despite being a former secondary teacher and a current doctoral student in education, special education presents unique and complicated issues that our family could not have effectively navigated without Kevin's expertise."

Roxanne Moore, Parent and Colleague

The teacher’s primary task is to structure or order the environment in such a way that work is accomplished, play is learned, love is felt, and fun is enjoyed by both the student and the teacher.
— J. Kauffman


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