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Rise Above offers and provides indirect consultative services to schools/academic programs and direct consultative services to students and families. In that work, Rise Above connects parents and programs to supplemental services and/or related service providers. Additionally, Rise Above offers advocacy services that support school programs monitor and manage compliance and connects parents to process support and guidance. The goal is the same as the federal mandate: to provide access to a free, appropriate public education. However, in the private sector, there are costs for services not covered, as they are not provided, by the State. Rise Above aims to serve the learning community by offering services covered and not covered by states.

It is important to note that Rise Above’s standards and procedures as a supplemental Local Education Agency are all designed to conform and comply with the mandates stated in the following federal regulations and their state counterparts: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504), Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA), Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 


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INDirect consultative services

Indirect consultative services are those provided to school/academic program faculty and staff that support the provision of special education or related services to students in the program, as appropriate, by a qualified provider. Rise Above offers a variety of school/academic program support services, including but not limited to:

a) Professional Development/Training

b) Co-Teaching/Instructional Support

c) (Supplemental) Curriculum Development

d) Case Management/Program Monitoring and Evaluation (Institutional)

e) Program Development (e.g. RTI, SWPBS, CST)

f) Program Implementation (e.g. RTI, SWPBS, CST)

Rise Above begins with a preliminary services agreement for general consultation that covers the time to interview staff and students, observe classrooms and general practices, and develop a services agreement that would include a general schedule and clarification of and justification for the services to be provided. All indirect consultative services are provided in accordance with the mandates outlined in Section 504 and IDEA.

Direct Consultative Services

Direct consultative services are those special education and related services provided directly to the student client by a qualified provider. Rise Above, as a Care Coordination provider, is qualified and prepared to provide individualized/personalized supplemental academic services (also referred to in policy as “special education services”), including but not limited to:

a) Tutoring (enrichment or homework help)

b) Educational Assessment/Evaluation

c) Case Management/Program Development and Monitoring Services (Individual)

d) Individualized Instructional Support (remediation, not Tutoring)

e) Transition Planning and Support (Employment, Postsecondary Education, etc.)

These services can be provided in both the school and home environments depending on the resources available. If the Rise Above provider is not capable of providing a service directly, an independent partner or contractor can be sought and connected to the student client as determined by the team. All direct consultative services are provided in accordance with the mandates outlined in Section 504 and IDEA.


Advocacy services are those that provided to support compliance with federal and state guidelines. Often, schools struggle to understand and implement these guidelines due mostly to lack of staff or faculty with the knowledge or expertise to achieve and/or maintain compliance. Rise Above offers schools/academic programs its knowledge and expertise to assist with the following:

a) External Auditing (IDEA and 504 documentation)

b) Compliance Monitoring (routine check-ins on case files and processing)

c) Compliance Management (direct assistance and support of case system)

Rise Above is also available to assist and coach parents of students with disabilities. These services can include:

a) Records Review

b) IEP/504 Conferencing

c) Coaching

Please note that Rise Above strives to avoid conflicts of interest and will not provide advocacy services to students attending schools we service if they are going through due process. If a student and school Rise Above services engage in due process proceedings, Rise Above cannot provide advocacy services for that family.

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